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Short shorts in the summer, tight dresses in the winter, the Bro Hoe is the girl you see walking down the street and think “Oh my god, she must be freezing!”Also known as the white girl with dread locks, the Hippy Chick really understands the importance and complexity of a good bead.


Sometimes you'd like to know if a relationship with someone could work out.

Therefore Doctor Love himself designed this great machine for you.

Dating a Bun Head could be the best decision you’ve ever made if you are a day drinker. I mean, she looks like the coolest, which I am pretty sure is the goal. She is the most contradictory of the girls you will date in Denver: she’s funny but self loathing, smart but sabotaging, and cool but kind of a bitch.

She almost always works at an unconventional place like a tattoo shop, a bar or a dispensary. Guys constantly approach her in public and say, “Cool tattoo. Judging by her Tumblr, what we know is that the Hipster Chick is very beautiful and very sad. The female version of a Lo Do Bro, the Bro Hoe is one of the most well-groomed and high maintenance of the girls you date in Denver.

She exclusively posts photos of yoga poses on Instagram with a dog always somewhere in the picture. The Show Troll will spend gratuitous amounts of money on sequined bras. Do not cheat on a Hustler unless you have a death wish.

She’s often vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free, and healthier than you. A tornado of good times and some recreational drug use, she sucks up men as she moves along in life, spitting them out over houses and in fields. Our lady version of a Skibum, the Mountain Girl is down for whatever.

She wears long skirts past the ankle that also double as a tapestry that she hangs on her wall usually.

Hippy Chicks are really nice people but sometimes come off as rude or cold.

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