Mens health and online dating

Had they liked me, of course, I might have gone off them, as with all the girls I did end up seeing a few times.

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I also spent hours trawling girls' profiles and firing off flirts and emails - there were so many single girls!

(Right now, the site My Single Friend, for example, lists 920 thirty-year-old women, just in London). After much badgering, she told me she'd just been diagnosed with skin cancer.

Two years' romancing the web began innocently enough.

Single for the previous two years, I was 33 and explaining to a friend that I had become utterly unattractive.

And as to the stigma, who cares what gossips whisper? It feels disposable; easy come, click, easy go, click. Paul has a fabulous profile and I am instantly hooked.

I suspected her motives (she likes babies), but I was convinced by her reasoning, so I joined up again. I send lots of sweet, little emails, adding the words "Read my profile", because I am too embarrassed to flirt properly online. He is a property developer, he lives in Mayfair and he loves reading.

Worryingly, friends asked whether I had become addicted to internet dating.

Was I now unable to commit because, with myriad honeys beckoning me back to the websites, there was always the chance of a better girl?

If I do find myself in the right situation, I'll be ready to compromise. (It doesn't mean he is only an eyebrow.) I post a pouting photograph that makes me look far more attractive than I really am and I try to sell myself. A man from Barcelona sends me a long email, entirely in Spanish. After sitting with him for five minutes, I realise he doesn't need a date. He says he is a workaholic and he wants to go and punch a wall. He doesn't seem very interested in me, although he does try to lick my cheek. HOW INTERNET DATING WORKS You pick a site, upload pictures of yourself (optional, but essential), write a narrative about who you are and what you’re looking for, and tick boxes on your age, education, height, employment etc.

But I believe true love is true love, even if you do order it online. ''Er, yes, I do like sex," I mutter, ''but I'm not really a casual sex person." I am 34 and have never considered internet dating before. I find it quite difficult, because underneath the cynicism and the cigarette smoke, I am actually quite shy. I make a serious error at the start of my adventure. He swears a lot - at the waitress, at the weather, at the wine - sits oppressively close to me and breathes on my face. And so we go to the park and it comes to this (too much, too soon, and with the wrong man): ''Do you like sex, Tanya? " As I watch his heartless face, I realise that I have the wrong attitude for internet dating. I'm going to try cocktail parties or maybe even a book group. You must give your email address to the site, but other members will be unable to find it.

It was a low moment in my two-year internet dating adventure.

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