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Dave Heysen and Daniel Haigh are the co-founders and will be attending i Date this week. We felt that together we would be a stronger market force and cover more of the market, particularly the Australian market. The deal was a Merger, with the aim to look for synergies between the two companies.

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We are both Executive Directors of the combined entity.

How's the team transitioning to work with RSVP?

After the having fill a quick form, you can be get up started proper away, if you have desire.

Oasis dating app has simple interfaces that typical many of i Phone app. Another the nice feature of app is you can be see another member currently online and not.

Applying process on this app is much easy only you required your some personal details.

Below we providing you link the link for applying given below.

Together the two brands control a strong % of the Australian dating market and we will work to try and strengthen that position even further.

The Oasis.com/platform will also now have the resources to push further into markets outside of Australia and promote our new App coming out early in 2015. Daniel Haigh (the other co-Founder of Oasis Active) is now the Director of Product and Technology and myself CEO of RSVP & Oasis.

We currently have a couple of relationships outside of Australia that primarily help us with the languages we support apart from English, such as Spanish, Portuguese etc. If that means altering the market positioning, that is something we will have to do.

The Short Version: Singles don’t need a bunch of fancy tools to help them find romance — they just need a low-cost and accessible place to meet friendly single people. This totally free dating site and app is available to singles of all ages, orientations, and nationalities.

All members have access to the communication features on the site, meaning they don’t have to pay a cent to chat with people around the world.

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