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Waste left behind after the collection is your responsibility and must be removed from the verge within seven days, or 0-0 litter infringements will be issued.

Synaptics is a publicly owned San Jose, California-based developer of human interface (HMI) hardware and software, including touchpads for computer laptops; touch, display driver, and fingerprint biometrics technology for smartphones; and touch, video and far-field voice technology for smart home devices and automotives.

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Green waste verge collections run smoothest when we all work together.

You can play your part by ensuring:​Green waste is only placed on the verge a maximum of nine (9) days before the scheduled collection date.

Synaptics primarily sells its products to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and display manufacturers.

Since its founding in 1986, the company's notable innovations include the first ever computer touchpad, touch technology for the click wheel on the classic i Pod, touch sensors used in numerous Android phones, Touch and Display Driver Integrated chips, and biometrics technology for fingerprint sensors.

The correct date for Spring Green Waste collection is 3 September 2018.

Only four cubic metres of waste will be collected from each residence.

Greenwaste Verge Collections commencing July 2018Collection dates beyond June 2018 for the next Financial Years Verge collections will be approximately 9.5 months after your previous collection.

Dates will only be updated once final approval has been given, this is estimated to be Late May to June each year.

We thank the many residents who maintain their verges.

Before collections start in your area dates will be published in Community Newspapers and on Facebook 9 days before your scheduled collection starts and can also be found in your annual waste and recycling guide.

Branches are no longer than 1.5m long Thick branches (25 cm diameter) are cut into 30cm lengths Loose and small green waste (weeds and leaves) are in a City of Stirling green waste recycling bag only*Green waste is not in hessian, polypropylene or plastic bags Green waste is free of contamination ​Footpaths, driveways, overhanging onto the roadway or obstructing views from driveways Artificial turf, trees/stumps or sprinklers Water meters, Telstra covers, SECWA power covers, manhole covers or posts Fences, walls, letterboxes and fixed objects * Ratepayers can pick up their green waste bags at the City Administration building, Herb Graham Recreational Centre and Works Depot Balcatta on presentation of their voucher (included in the annual rates notice).

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