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Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...

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Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.

Ahemmmmm You made me laugh You made me giggle I'm gonna get upand do a lil wiggle The burger was yummy And so was the wine I'm hangin' out here To pass the time I like how you're random You make my wheels spin I like fish and stuffbecause they have fins It doesn't much matter How much sense we do make As long as you leave me That last piece of cake!

i'm popeye the sailor mani don't really have a plani'm violent, impulsive and simply repulsivei'm popeye the sailor mani'm popeye the sailor mani don't try to understandyou'd best remain silenkor i will turn violenki'm popeye the sailor manhe's such a role modeldoes not hit the bottlebut hits olive oyl insteadhe likes his tobaccobiff bam pow and wackobeware if he's seeing redi'm popeye the sailor mani should be thrown into the cani eats me spinachand mangles me englishi'm popeye the sailor man.toot-toot The last piece of cakeindeed you shall havebut you have to waitcause it's taking a bathferris wheelswill make you go blindstaring at themwhile waiting in linesomeone's bubble gumstuck to my shoe I'll save it for laterin case I run out of gluerainbow colored jet planessoaring overheadmy friend is saving whaleshis name is Fredelizabeth33is enjoying her winewiggling and gigglingand reading these rhymes Fair rides and gum Sounds like a blast I should go to bed Workdays come so fast!

But I cook em up fine I think I'll go have me A nice glass of wine!

Drink your wineand enjoy the nightthat burger should settledid it taste alright?

this thread is great- im so impressedwho would have thought who would have guessedthat such great people were all aroundyou are all right here waiing to be found! I've missed this place But it's completly my bad I'm not a flake Tho ya might not believe me Gimme a chance If you do, then you'll see(e) That I'm just a busy girl Trying to find A really nice guy Who will blow my mind! You're a teepee, wigwam too-know this: I understand What you have before you is an un-judgemental man.

so i wish you all the very best-good luck to you- good luck and be blessed! It is unfortunate that there's so few hours in a day If there were more one could catch up and maybe stay that way...

But life's a funny animal, just once around the ride So smile-be happy, when you can-and take all things in stride.

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