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Rosalinda Mercado-Garza, who has served as the CEO of E-Colors in Education for nearly three years.

The non-profit organization will celebrate its three year anniversary in June 2016.

But, working with only like-minded individuals won’t get you the strongest end result.

As the saying goes, “Two minds are better than one, and four minds are better than two.” However, if those minds don’t operate like yours, how can you approach those differences to yield more effective communication?

Just enter some brief information above and begin chatting. Although there are active human moderators to watch over the chat rooms, they're only human, so utilize common sense and respect, behave yourself, and use the ignore feature if someone is being a tool.

you meet so many interesting people and gain more and more friends, i love going to role play and watching and reading some of the Rp and some of them are amazing.. I'm normally in the pregnancy chat under the name Xo Cloe Xo. Then I began going to the Padded Cell, and since then, I've made so many nice friends. Got to say I've met some REALLY great peeps in these chat rooms! I usually went into the EMO CHAT as suicidalshay but now i go in as Xbroken Xgirl X so look for me if you want to have a fun chat!

They gives people a chance to talk about whatever they want. I've been coming to Teen chat for several years, and when I first started here, it was in an entirely different room. Without Teen Chat, life would be a bit more boring! I've been going to this site for about 2 years already and I love it! All of the different people you get to meet, all of the different ways to interact. Whether you're looking for a friend, or just a good Roleplay, this place is perfect.

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