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[Note that this list will do a substring match on folder names ( will exclude any directory that includes one of the exclude strings), so you can exclude folders by mistake, if they include one of the exclude strings.] I use this list to stop Twonky looking at , that I don’t want scanned (e.g. A: Twonky has the ability to find other music libraries on the network, and to ‘aggregate’ these libraries into its library, thus presenting one composite library to the user.

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Starting with the mildest, and increasing in severity, these are as follows: 1.

Initiate a library rescan, using either: report in the Twonky logfile.

Starting the Media Server and Setting up a Media Library Q. A: Yes, you can do this by adding the name of the folder to the list of ignored directions, using the control in the Twonky UI.

Starting the Media Server and Setting up a Media Library Q. A: A Media Server is a piece of software that looks for media files on a disk, or network, and creates a catalogue, or database, of the files it finds.

If anyone can monitor these values before and after a My Cloud firmware upgrade and report any changes, I’d be obliged: ] Q. A: If Twonky doesn’t seem to be behaving correctly (not finding media correctly, or partially, or finding unwanted media), then it may be useful to clean up the database.

There are a number of escalating actions you can take.This is to distinguish control settings and file system paths. Another common reason seems to be that, following a My Cloud restart or firmware upgrade, it comes back with the page of the Twonky UI), but, when it finishes the scan, it seems to suddenly realise that Media Serving is turned off, and goes and deletes all the entries from its database, and the media counts fall back to zero, [or near zero].Ideally, we’d shame WD into doing a better job of integrating Twonky into the My Cloud, so it’s not such a struggle, and doesn’t require Linux administrator-level skills to make it work properly. The default state of the My Cloud is confused; Media Serving defaults to OFF: In order to get the media server to work, both of these settings have to be ON, so these default settings are inconsistent and cause confusing behaviour. Can I stop Twonky searching in certain folders in my media storage folders?Now, this is where some of the fighting occurs, because both My Cloud and Twonky can modify this file…When you are happy that Twonky is working correctly, I’d recommend making a copy of the file in your If things go wrong, you can reinstate this file by swapping the source and destination. What do all the settings in Twonky’s configuration file do? Can I change to location of the ‘Shared Media’ folders? Why does setting a Twonky access control password prevent the My Cloud from sleeping? Some Prerequisites You’ll need to know how to use the WD Dashboard browser interface to control the My Cloud: You’ll need to know how to use the Twonky UI browser interface to control Twonky: You’ll need to know how to use SSH to log in as root to the My Cloud: Note the big warning signs about warranty.

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