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There's some interesting RAF links at the bottom of this page. which moved around quite a bit, but in 1947 was at Cranwell. In effect, he 'jumped ship', albeit with his CO's blessing, and spent two years on an island that was almost idyllic in comparison to where he might have ended up.

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After cycling in that 1950 high summer's heat, right across the island almost from one end to the other, he also stood accused of being late!

I was born at 4am, but he still had to finish his duty, and didn't arrive till 13.30.

It's only in recent years, getting to know other ex-RAF 'types', that I've come to realise that RAF humour was a thing apart .. It's amazing how many of the comedians of stage and screen in the 50's and 60's were ex-RAF.

And I have dad to thank for passing some of that on to me.

and then several more wishing he hadn't, and on a couple of occasions he very nearly went back in.

I think that for most career servicemen serving the British Crown, it's always been a love-hate relationship.Being a groundcrew technician, he generally didn't fly. when he had to go up in the kite and test out the equipment he had repaired or serviced.Maybe that was when he was able to sneak a few photos.Click the image on the right for a better view of this veteran trooper.A good 20% of her total voyages were in the service of the British military, some 74 voyages in all, and most of those through the Med.Norman Haywood, of Coleorton near Coalville in Leicestershire, joined the RAF in October 1946, and signed on for 10 years in order to get into his chosen trade of Radio & Radar Technician. That arrangement of the brushes and buckets was almost universal practice in barracks and billets in all British units, across all three services. Innaugauration of the 'new wall-light.' There's always time for a laugh. In fact, when he left Liverpool docks on his troopship, he was headed for some desolate and dusty airfield halfway down the Suez Canal, near the Great Bitter Lakes.

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