white and black interracial dating - Religions predating the bible

Early in the 20th century, German theologian Rudolf Bultmann called for a "demythologizing" of the New Testament for many of the reasons given above.

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When you hear the word "myth" associated with the Bible, what is the first thought that comes to your mind?

Many use the term myth in a pejorative sense to mean that the stories described are not factually true.

And there may be some credibility to the occurrence of at least some serious floods then, based on the facts that Mesopotamia is a giant flood plain and that there is some archeological evidence for a big flood around 5000 BC.

But what we didn’t know until now is that those earlier flood myths also incorporated a boat onto which species of wild animals were sequestered to save them—!

Many of these modern-day faith healers have patients who are actually healed by these practices.

Doctors call this the placebo effect, an effect so powerful that drugs must undergo double blind experiments. Some of the mythological stories in the Bible are not original, but were borrowed from other traditions.The mythology surrounding the Buddha, who lived 500 years before Jesus, includes tales of how he healed the sick, walked on water, and flew through the air.His birth was foretold by a spirit (a white elephant rather than the angel Gabriel) who then entered his mother's womb!Why do most modern scholars reject a reading of the Bible as history much less as literal fact? In an age of science and technology, too much of the Bible is simply unbelievable to today's mind and turns people away from the underlying messages.From a scientific standpoint, many of the "facts" in the Bible are simply wrong.Mythology is a form of literature that expresses fundamental truths in a way that ordinary discourse is inadequate to describe.

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