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He and his brother, Raymond, were a Vaudeville team, as children.

His ancestry includes: Italian, German, Russian, Jewish and Irish.

Had a lot of relatives who grew up on the same street of Toledo, Ohio.

Was raised in the same city as Jamie Farr, who learned a lot from him, growing up.

Before he was a successful actor, he was a radio actor. She followed in her father's footsteps, being an actress.

Met his future wife, Rose Marie Mantell Thomas, at a Happy Hour Club in Detroit, Michigan, when he was 23. Survived by his wife, Rosie Marie, of 55 years, and 3 children, Marlo Thomas, Terre Thomas and Tony Thomas.

Remained good friends with Angela Cartwright, during and after Make Room for Daddy(1953).

Billboard and Variety Magazines named him Best Newcomer in Radio in 1945, but was eventually fired. His father, Charles Yakhoob, was a horsefarmer, and his mother, Margaret Christen, was a housewife and devoted mother to her other four children.

Before he was a successful comedian and producer, he sold candy with his brother, Raymond, in the Vaudeville house, called the Continuous Burlesque.

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