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Once you open a simple event for registration and save the event, a Registrants and invitees tab appears for your event.

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Rsvp dating site sign in

From the Emails tab, you can customize the emails, adding text, formatting, graphics, macros and links to each message.

You can choose the recipients for event announcements, and schedule each email to be automatically delivered a certain number of days before the event, or you can manually send the email at any time.

On this page: • Creating a simple event • Simple event details • Enabling a simple event • Simple event emails • Signing up for a simple event • Viewing registration information • Changing RSVP responses • Troubleshooting If you are hosting a free event that requires only an RSVP from your registrants, you can create a simple event that requires less setup on your part, and provides for one-click registration by your registrants.

When you create a simple event, you don't have to bother setting up registration types or a registration form.

If you choose the Simple event option, then you only need to provide event details and set up your event emails.

A single non-modifiable registration type ("RSVP") will be automatically created for you. Status (Enabled/Disabled)Controls whether the event is enabled for public registration, either from your events calendar or in response to an email invitation.

Cancellation Controls whether registrants can cancel their own registrations.

When you enable the Allow cancellation option, you can specify the minimum number of days before the event that cancellations can take place.

Doing so may encourage others to register or promote networking.

If you enable this option, a Registered link will appear for the event on the event calendar and on the event details.

If the registrant is not logged in, they will be prompted to provide their email address then their contact information.

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