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Reference is i made from Part I to Part II by means of the code number in the column labeled "Contact . 11 Example : (in Part i): Bell, Joseph Ger Susan Roden Outagamie 318 (in Part II): 318 Virginia Bell Collard, 409 Saratoga Dr. Jensdatter Jefferson 439 Aamodt, Johan Kristian 15 Mar l86b WI Hannah E . Ole Olsen Nor Johanna Barbo Portage 1393 Aas, Guri/Julia Nor Carelius Hansen Jeff /Rock 704 Abbott, Charlotte Sophronia 1* Jan 1822 VT Sylvan! Fox Jefferson 1427 Abendroth, Christian Pru Sophia Uecker Green Lake 1029 Abendroth, Christina WI Charles J.

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Sabra johnson kameron bink dating

Ferg Fond du Lac 2191 Ac cola, Dorathea Swtz Jacob Hatz Sauk 737 Ackels, Rebecca PA William F. Fuhrmann Ozaukee 1124 Ackermann, Johann Ger Angela Weber Mueller Ozaukee 1124 Ackermann, Martin Pru Catherine Zeimet Racine 1721 Ackers/Akers , Virginia WI 1922 Peter Vanasse Pierce 2012 Ackley, George 1821 NY Eliza Ken/Rock 2045 Ackley, Robert W. Parker Rock 1205 Adams, Anna Catherine Ger Christian Weinstock Eau Claire 1361 Adams, charlotte 1854 Carl Nickels Manitowoc 5 Adams, Delbert Clayton OH Frances L. VT Caleb Sna shall Rock 1205 Adams , Ida Ellenor OH Davis I . Pearl Poquette Hillman, Rt 1, Box 154, Shell Lake WI 54871 783. Catherine Hilger Hipp, 820 Robertson St., Wauwatosa WI 53213 786.

Lindemann Bad Ax 1986 Acker, Anton Fra Barbara Pheffer Milwaukee 760 Acker, John WI Anna M. Pitcher Grn Lk/Waup 1806 Ackermann, Anton Pru Anna M. Haines Crawford 779 Adams , John 1789 NY 1864 Lucy Newberry Ken/Portage 1805 Adams, Jonathan NY Mary E. Mary Finley Hipp, 2801 Happy Hollow Rd., Janesville WI 53545 787. Harold Louis Hoeft, 1325 Josephine St., Waukesha WI 53186 155 797.

Smith Fond du Lac 1458 Albrecht , Conrad Ger Ernestine P.

Sehurr Mari i t owe c 5 Albrecht, Friedericke Pru Nicklaus Hittmarm Milwaukee 957 Albriktsen, Berte Olsdatter Nor Anders H. Pearl Burggren Hays Hicks, 246-8948 Elbow Drive, S.

Often one interested person in a family completed an application and ordered certificates for several members of his family. Marjorie Woodward Hood, Rt 2, River Rd., Marinette WI 54l43 814. Hopkins, 2 Sherman Terrace, #4, Madison WI 53704 815.

If you applied for a certificate and your ancestor's name appears in Part I, but you do not find your own name in Part II, it indicates that someone else's application reached us before yours did. Pearl Miller Holtz, 10626 Tropicana Circle, Sun City A Z 85351 812.

Propst Green Lake l Abendroth, Fredericka Ger Frederick Abendroth Green Lake 1029 Ableman, Stephen V, R.

NY Maria Welton Green 1372 Ableman, William 1800 NY after 1880 Elizabeth Vandenberg Green 1372 Abler, Nicholas 18 Elizabeth Kreiser Fond du Lac 972 Abraham, wilhelmina 18 August D. Sep 1819 NY Pluma Rock 80 Adams, Albert VT Dolly T. Ethel Davies Hilton, 240 San Antonio Way, Sacramento CA 95819 785.

They were supervised by, and indeed from the very beginning the project was organized and carried out by the most dedicated of them all, Betty Patterson, without whom you would never have seen this publication before you.

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