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On April 6, a FIR was filed by his family members; it named three persons and noted another 10 to 12 unidentified persons were involved.On April 14, one person was arrested by police and subsequently released. On July 7, the OHCHR reported that villagers from Dhunchepakha and Chapacho killed three persons for allegedly trying to kidnap village children.RESPECT FOR HUMAN RIGHTS Section 1 Respect for the Integrity of the Person, Including Freedom From: a.

There were no substantive allegations of human rights abuses filed against the army during the year.

On March 26, the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) reported that an unidentified group killed Prachanda Man Thaiba, a member of the UML-affiliated Youth Force (YF) in Butwal.

On July 21, the deputy superintendent of police at the Thimi Metropolitan Police Office informed the OHCHR that eight persons had been arrested.

Of the four the Bhaktaput District Court released one on bail for lack of evidence, while the remaining three were sent to the central jail in Nakkhu, where they were under pretrial detention.

The YF accused YCL member Sujit Biswo Karma, and the Maoists initiated an internal investigation.

In April then Prime Minister Dahal promised an investigation which the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) promised to conduct.The government compromised the independence of the judiciary by exerting political pressure on the judicial process, and society continued to discriminate against persons of lower castes and persons with disabilities.Violence against women and trafficking in persons, mainly women and girls, continued.Members of the Nepal Police (NP) and Armed Police Force (APF) occasionally used excessive and lethal force in response to continued demonstrations throughout the country.Maoist militias engaged in arbitrary and unlawful use of lethal force and abduction.There were no further developments in the 2008 killing of Ram Hari Shrestha in Chitwan District.

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