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“Girls are constantly asking me if Camel Tow is hiring and if they can join,” Hester says.

“They don’t see it as degrading -- they see it as an exciting, new and unique opportunity. And that’s an awesome thing to be a part of.” Nestled into the heart of North Carolina low country, the wholesome southern comfort of the city might seem threatened by the explicitly suggestive Camel Tow Towing Company.

Retired veteran Brently Dean co-founded Camel Tow towing company in 2013.

What sets this company apart -- other than its jaw-dropping innuendo -- is that every call response is led by a female employee.

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Apart from local support, the small town towing company even gets shout-outs from international groups like the Motor Club of America Roadside Assistance Services.

The company has even been featured on “Everybody here in Fayetteville loves it," Dean said.The girls can playfully flirt with a client, bat an eyelash or two, and even trot out their favorite move: bending over to inspect a car’s undercarriage while the client inspects It sounds like a typical set of rules you'd find at any strip club; but Camel Tow's Damsels to the Distressed want it to be known that their jobs with Camel Tow -- and their qualifications -- have zero to do with swinging around a pole.of the job, but it’s just part of the job, not the whole job."I’ve never had anything bad said about it from the locals.Fayetteville is the All-American city, and America loves two things: trucks and women.The towing industry has long been synonymous with grit, oil, hairy butt cracks, and long hours of waiting while stranded along stretches of the highway.

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