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Much ado has been made in recent weeks about blue waves (for Democrats) and pink waves (for women), but there’s another surge worth noting this election cycle: a rainbow wave of LGBTQ candidates running for office.As of this post going up, I’ve located 65 lesbian, bisexual, queer and/or trans women candidates.If elected, Stewart would be only the second LGBTQ person ever elected to the Alabama legislature.

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Greene has a degree in psychology and is the owner of a small marketing company that just celebrated 30 years in business.

She was motivated to run in part due to incumbent Representative Andy Biggs’s terribleness; among other appalling items, he’s continuously spoken out against same-sex marriage, including as recently as six months ago.

I expect our elected officials to heed their calls to public service as servants and not as paid puppets.

I expect our laws to equally protect and support all of the people of this great state. I expect our legislature to prioritize solutions to real problems facing Alabamians like job and wage growth, education, criminal justice reform, healthcare and environmental protection instead of spending valuable time debating non-existent problems like bathroom choice, how quickly we can kill a death-row inmate and what measures need to be in place to forever enshrine confederate monuments.” Stewart recently celebrated her 16-year anniversary with her wife, Christy; together, they’re raising energetic twin daughters, Helen and Harper. Patricia Todd, Alabama’s first gay legislator, who will not be seeking re-election.

Joan Greene is a lifelong Arizonan and entrepreneur with a mission to make the American Dream available to everyone.

Says Greene, “The American Dream is different for everyone but I believe with support from my platforms it can be a reality. They just want the opportunity to have a job that pays them a living wage, healthcare that is not just for the wealthy, education that provides for their future, affordable housing to raise their families and to be able to have money left over so they can invest in their retirement or take a vacation.” To get there, she’s prioritizing infrastructure investments, single-payer health coverage, and debt-free tuition for public Community Colleges, Universities and Vocational Schools.

We are now up to 118 candidates.] Alabama Democrats have a new level of confidence this year, following the unlikely Senate victory by Doug Jones against pedophile Roy Moore in December.

“The energy is incredible, but I don’t think Democrats are over-confident,” first-time candidate Felicia Stewart told in an interview.

Most are progressive Democrats; but we also have Republican and Libertarian representation, too. Most importantly: make sure you’re registered to vote.

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