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This is more difficult with a service, which can appear more abstract.

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Analysis of the light scatter pattern from the blood cells of the embryo can identify the embryo as male or female. The female embryos can be incubated as normal, while the "male" eggs can be used in a number of industrial processes, including animal feed and the chemical industry.

Among the advantages of the method is that it is contactless, thus eliminating the need to clean and disinfection or replace any parts between measurements and keeping running costs low.

Or are the lawyers, marketing writers, accountants and all service providers of the world doomed to have dreary marketing campaigns? And we have a 7 step plan to help you brand your service business just like those naturally desirable products.

Unless you’re an industry insider, marketing these products seems almost effortless. Can the “effortless” sex appeal that comes with some products also be applied to services?

GERMANY - On a recent visit to the University of Leipzig to review the latest research there, the agriculture minister has called for a practical method to determine the sex of chicken embryos in order to bring to an end the culling of male layer chicks by the end of 2016.

Federal food and agriculture minister, Christian Schmidt, last week saw for himself the research results to phase out the killing of male chicks during a visit at the University of Leipzig.

He added that, when such a device is available on the market, there will be no need for the nation's hatcheries to kill male chicks, a practice that will soon belong in the past.

The research to end this procedure is a central part of the Ministry's animal welfare initiative 'A Question of Attitude - New ways for better animal welfare', which has already cost more than €2 million.

Your audience wants to see faces that relate to their real lives, not a staged photo that can fit into thousands of different ads.

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