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However, we did find We proceed by providing an overview of the legal and regulatory system in China, past work on censorship on We Chat, report our new results, and conclude with a discussion on the implications of our findings.

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As for as to the contents, the quality of contents and hot spots also need to be taken into account.

In order to make a successful H5 campaign, first of all, you should abstract product features and brand characteristics into users’ spiritual levels, in order to fabricate emotional resonance. Users eager new technology like 3D or VR, instead of limiting at mobile shaking triggers and traditional animations. You can promote your campaigns through Wechat group, subscriptions and KOL, as well as online and offline integrated promotion.

For example, if you typed “position”, it will respond with an article about a sex position.

Another successful element of this campaign was its own database.

This marketing method can not only efficiently highlight brand’s key feature, but also get the pages more suitable to read, share and interact for users.

Thanks to these advantages, H5 Marketing has opened up a new way for E-Marketing.An eye-catching H5 campaign is not an easy job, managing to generate hot topic.In terms of creation, you need to integrate the brand features with adequate animations.Accordingly, the popularity of We Chat has also been met with suspicions of surveillance and media reports of censorship.Despite these concerns, there is limited technical research into the operation and scale of content monitoring and filtering.We Chat encompasses more than just text, voice, and video chat; it includes a rich set of features such as gaming, mobile payments, and ride hailing, which make it more of a lifestyle platform than a mere chat app.

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