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In such instances, it is possible for professors to provide the extended time accommodation to students using simple tools available in the Canvas environment.Based on the documentation submitted to SDS, extended time is typically approved in increments of either one and one half or double the allotted time.Reduced Distraction Environment Students with disabilities may be approved for and request a separate "reduced distraction" testing space.

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In 1961, Les Earnest, who headed the research on this budding technology, saw it necessary to include the first spell checker that accessed a list of 10,000 acceptable words.

Ralph Gorin, a graduate student under Earnest at the time, created the first true spelling checker program written as an applications program (rather than research) for general English text: Spell for the DEC PDP-10 at Stanford University's Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, in February 1971.

The extended time accommodation does not apply to take home exams.

Extended time ensures that a student's performance is reflective of his/her mastery of material rather than the speed at which a student performs.

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Spell checkers may be stand-alone, capable of operating on a block of text, or as part of a larger application, such as a word processor, email client, electronic dictionary, or search engine.

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This approach usually requires a lot of effort to obtain sufficient statistical information.

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