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Got SEPM 12.1 running on a VM XPSP3(what I had a spare license of), all my clients are communicating back status info but they do not appear to be grabbing the latest definitions.

SEPM has 8/18 defs atm but all clients are still using their install date defs except for one which I manually ran live update on.

The Group Update Provider also lets you offload processing power from the Endpoint Protection Manager if you need that option.

What languages should be downloaded for product updates?

To add or delete an update type, click Change Selection, modify the list, and then click OK.

An Endpoint Protection Manager is still required to download and package content from Live Update, as well as for generating policy files.

You can also add the Symantec meet Live Update server as the last great in the superlative.

This document explains how to update Symantec Endpoint Protection definitions by running Live Update.

If one server goes offline, the other server provides support.

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