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Eva Wong uses the teachings of Taoist masters (one for each pillar) to explain the essential concepts.She then gives voice to these texts--simplifying them, removing barriers to understanding, and making them completely accessible and relevant to the modern reader.

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Can you write a post on the “art of texting and dating” ? just found it today and have been reading it for 2 hours! Texting is tricky, and I’ve seen a lot of young women wrestle with it, so I’m happy to address it here in a post. A survey of 1,200 men and women in Shape and Men’s Fitness magazines found that: Texting is the No. It doesn’t help that guys hate using emoticons, which at least indicate teasing or joking.

I find that you have to be so careful and plan everything so you don’t sound too needy or available. 1 way lovers stay in touch, with men texting 39 percent more often than phoning and women 150 percent more. I’ve seen relationships derailed early on because of text-based misunderstandings.

Remember that Taoism is a practical philosophy not an abstract set of beliefs, some of the meaning may not become obvious at the first reading, and of course much has been lost in translation by western authors who may lack a comprehensive knowlege of actual Taoist practices.

Taoism has a documented history in China spanning more than five thousand years and most writers will specialise in their own particular field such as: Taoist philosophy, Chinese Medicine, Martial Arts, Religion and Spiritual practices, Alchemy, Meditation etc.

It’s more likely to prevent or erode intimacy than to promote it.

Make the transition to phone or in person conversations as soon as you can.The land line telephone was a great filtering mechanism. You can sit tight and wait it out or ask him directly what’s up. Never sit around your apartment hoping to hear that “ping ping.” You don’t have to turn down last-minute plans, but send a clear message that you are most likely to be available with a bit of advance planning.Texting is a great way of staying in touch in an established relationship.OK, now for the pitfalls of texting, which are very numerous! Your job is to identify booty calls and just say no. Don’t assume you are receiving special attention unless he gives you drone-like focus. I can’t tell you how many times my girls have asked me what it means if he gives one word answers, delays in responding, goes away for two weeks then texts again, or seems vague about his plans. Texting allows both parties plausible deniability – a Principle of Least Interest strategy is easily maintained.Obviously, if both people are jockeying for the upper hand, you’ve got the quintessential SMP standoff and it fizzles. All the young people I know hate talking on the phone.Hardback, £24.95, ISBN: 0954524454 A previously unpublished book by Chee Soo detailing his thoughts about Taoist philosophy gathered over many years since 1976.

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