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In fact, I’d be even MORE skeptical if a city was REALLY good at dating.So what, does that mean you’re all a bunch of honestly nice people who like to go out and have fun with each other? These are the dates I went on this year: You see, folks?I mean, isn’t one of the most common human denominators the fact that dating sucks? The real truth is that dating sucks no matter where you live; we’re all just uniquely bad at it.

Certainly there are very different realities among the different types of people who reside in Minneapolis.

Some may be more romantic; others even more bleak than the sad outline I provided above. I represent the 20-something U of M grad who is still friends with mostly all her college friends, friends of those friends, and friends from work.

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Professionally, it’s a great opportunity but I am wondering about the social aspect of it--I would appreciate any insight on how easy/difficult it is to meet other young people.

I have met people in my current city by joining church groups (I’m Catholic but open to non-Catholic Christian groups as well), coed sports leagues, and an ultimate Frisbee group.

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That’s why we tend to stick to our group of tried and true friends and don’t bother to branch out unless we And if you work at Target Corporate, you better keep movin’ pal cuz nobody wants that Stepford/hipster hybrid cramping their heroin chic apartment.

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