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Wherever you join the path along the river, you can be assured that in some way it is inextricably entwined with the history of the city – whether through myth or hard facts.For example, the part between the centre of the city and .Your transfer journey from Fiumicino Airport to Rome is the perfect time to discover some of the city’s lesser-known cultural and historical gems.

Taking its cue from the city, all roads lead to its beautiful namesake, the fountain of the sees Italy’s oldest amusement park back in business.

While it’s officially geared towards children under the age of 13, that extends to the “inner-child” of any age.

Even if you’re not into theme parks, is worth a visit for the colourful cartoon-like photographic opportunities.

This basilica is probably the most significant religious building you’ve never heard of.

), it’s important to remember that inspiration can be found everywhere in bella Roma – especially ever-so-slightly off the beaten track.

Even on the 45-minute shuttle transfer from Fiumicino Airport to Rome there are countless sites of interest that most visitors don’t get to see. Ask your driver for some local tips and you might just be surprised at how many “other” roads lead to the historical heart Rome…

It’s worth a visit not just for the fun but also for posterity – well, at least that’s what you can tell yourself.

When it opened in 1953 as part of the Agricultural Fair, its popularity with locals saw it evolve into a permanent fixture for nearly five decades.

It doesn’t take more than, oh, a few hours in Italy to fall under the spell of the can be taken at any time of the day.

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