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It lets you cheat many games which otherwise don't provide cheats.

It allows you to change variables like number of lives, amount of ammo, the current level, etc. You can also enhance your gaming experience in many unpredictable ways.

I think PPSSPP today has become the most popular game emulator in the world. PPSSPP is an emulator software that allowed us to play Playstation Portable (PSP) game on our device.

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The Cheat is a universal game trainer for Mac OS X.

It is more flexible than Accio Hacks but requires you to manually copy your cheat file to your SD card.

Gecko Cheat Code Manager is a PC application that lets you work with text files downloaded from the Gecko Codes website.

Well me myself is actually don't often use cheats on games.

It will less your fun and satisfaction when you are completing the game, you know : D ?

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Install the homebrew application Gecko OS, which can launch a game with cheat codes enabled.

Oh and just save it over your current file, sorry I'm terrible at descriptions an info, I just find the stuff.

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