sex dating in placerville colorado - Updating firmware on panasonic blu ray player

They’ll often check online for updates themselves, or you can manually have them check with an option in the Setup menu.

Insert this drive/disc into the player, and the player will update the software.

Most Blu-ray players now support updates over Wi-Fi or Ethernet, which makes the process simple.

How long they do this for, and how often, varies quite a bit.

Sony and Panasonic both have been very good at keeping their players up-to-date, going all the way back to their very first Blu-ray player models.

To avoid this from happening, you need keep your players firmware up to date.

How-to With older players, there are usually two ways to upgrade the firmware: you download a file from the company website, then copy that to a USB flash drive, or burn it on a CD or DVD.Sometimes the Blu-ray standard is upgraded, and you need a firmware update to let your player take advantage of those changes.Some manufacturers will take positive advantage of this, and add new features to their players.Parts of the disc may load, but then parts that utilize the updated copy protection will fail.If this happens, you may get random audio and video glitches that render the movie unwatchable.There are currently 10 Panasonic BD Player models (2009 models and older) that have had no firmware updates supplied in recent years due in great part to the fact that there have not been any issues that required upgrades.

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