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As of 7 December he was about 1/3 of the way on the 700 mile/1130km distance.And as of 5 January he was close...expecting to arrive at Pole on the 6th...which he did, accounted in this Japan Times article.He reached Pole on 29 December but opted to discontinue the rest of his planned trip to the Ross Ice Shelf as he'd run short of food due to delays (Telegraph article).

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Ben arrived UG on the first IL-76 flight on 4 November, and was dropped off at his starting point on the 9th thanks to good weather.

After 10 days he was at 82ºS; on 11 December he was about 250 miles from Pole.

And by 8 January he'd reached 88ºS..the 12th he was at 88º-40'S.

He reached Pole on the 18th South Pole time..his claim in this Total Croatia News article, he's the 20th person to complete the Pole journey solo and unsupported.

Other info..27 October Financial Times article and this 31 October Cumbria Crack article.

Also of note..blog post by geologist Ed Stump describing his first and only other ascent of the Spectre with his brother Mugs in 1980-81...using the much less technical north side.

an Englishman who became a British Army officer after failed attempts to become a tennis pro and a country music singer in Boise (and then got a law degree), was underway on a solo ski trip from Hercules Inlet to Pole.

He reached UG on 15 November and was flown to Hercules Inlet on the 17th.

Unique in part because their plans did NOT include a visit to Pole unless time permitted.

Their plans were to be flown from Union Glacier to 88ºS-110ºW (the practical limit of 's Twin Otter..there they kite-skied north to the Organ Pipe Peaks in the Gothic Mountains (86ºS-150ºW) where they spent about 20 days climbing.

They arrived in spectacular fashion at Union Glacier on 11 January.

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