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Oracle's legal requirements state that a support agreement must be obtained directly from Oracle or from an Oracle reseller - third parties are not allowed to provide Solaris software updates or patches to customers.Audax takes a consultative approach in the support of Solaris.Before the patching, create a boot environment by hand best (beadm create after patching, since if you upgrade your zfs/zpools you will not be able to revert to former version. Be sure you meet the disk requirements before issuing update.

updating solaris-28updating solaris-30

S11.4# pkg list |grep 0.175 consolidation/admin/admin-incorporation 0.5.11- i-- consolidation/gfx/gfx-incorporation 0.5.11- i-- consolidation/nspg/nspg-incorporation 0.5.11- i-- consolidation/xvm/xvm-incorporation 0.5.11- i-- data/docbook 2.30.0- i-r Verify and Fix installation: It is a very good practice to always do a package verify after an install/update, since this will do a double check that all has gone well and then you can fix any package problems.

# pkg verify # pkg fix library/mesa Packages to fix: 1 Create boot environment: No Create backup boot environment: Yes Repairing: pkg://solaris/x11/library/[email protected],5.11- PACKAGE STATUS pkg://solaris/x11/library/mesa ERROR link: usr/lib/amd64/lib GLESv1_1 ERROR: Missing: symbolic link does not exist ....

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With the release of Oracle Solaris 11.4 Beta I am sure many have upgraded but when I tried to upgrade my Sun Ultra 24 desktop I had a few problems.

However, we do have one server that has and, for which, work started to create a local respository.

Unfortunately, that person left and theres no documentation.

As for repositories, you shall need IPS for 11.0,11.1,11.2 and 11.3 (full IPS iso SRU from oracle support site) in one big repository.

Follow the instructions to upgrade the repositories, you will require disk space and location you got from above.

You should now be able to login to Webmin at the URL .

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