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Since your goal is to compare textboxes in two separate naming containers, you are almost stuck. Write a custom validator but don't use the Control To Validate property.In your evaluation function, you can write the code to locate each Text Box (either through a property on the User Control or using Find Control on the User Control).

If for example you have a login box in the top corner of your page then the Validation Group attribute will let you stop the "username required" validator firing when you click the Submit button on this example.

The Compare Validator is one of those controls that provides great basic features but quickly runs out of steam when your websites require a little bit more customisation.

Together, these two dropdown lists would represent a time-of-day value.

I wanted to create the control in such a way that I would be able to use existing Compare Validator to compare time-of-day values.

If you want client-side validation, you'll have to figure out how to not only get the value of each textbox but also to do the comparision of dates.

(I wrote Peter's Date Package, a system with Date Text Boxes and validators for them so I'm familiar with just how complex this code is.) 2.

Check the Current Culture of your page as if it's not set to a culture which uses mm/dd/yyyy format the test will fail with the dates you posted.

Another way to check the expected format is in the HTML source - look for what Compare Validator Term1.dateorder is set to (something like mdy, dmy or ymd).

(tbx1 in uc1; tbx2 in uc2) I now need a Compare Validator to check that the date in tbx2 the date in tbx1.

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