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The Magic Steam Press cut ironing time in half and included a variable temperature control and automatic shut-off safety feature, plus burst of steam for stubborn wrinkles.

Singer introduced the Elegance line of sewing machines and the Embroidery Unlimited Machine.

Even better, they could increase their productivity, earn more money and improve their position in life. This factory at one point employed 12,000 workers and its most distinctive feature was the second largest clock tower in the world at almost 200 feet high. Singer Building at 149 Broadway in New York City opens.

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The new Embroidery Unlimited machine brought professional embroidery and monogramming to your personal computer.

Singer introduced the QUANTUM® XL-1000, the most advanced machine in the market offering a wide variety of memory cards for serious embroiderers.

As well as being a great sewing machine for every day sewing, the Singer CE Futura is also a full power embroidery machine when you link it to your own PC all software and cables were included.

White sewing machines are durable, quality machines for the home seamstress that were common during the late 1800s and the first half of the 20th century.

Singer introduced the Magic Steam Ironing Press™, an at-home version of presses found in most tailor shops and dry cleaning stores.

The Magic Steam Ironing Press was introduced, an at-home version of presses found in most tailor shops and dry cleaning stores.The model 9900 had many easy-to-use, time-saving features including a LED message center offering practical advice to the sewer.Singer introduced the QUANTUM® line, a new series of sewing machines specifically for the professional and avid sewer who demands performance, ease-of-use and state of the art features.In the late 1950s, Husqvarna Viking acquired White.You can find out the year of a White sewing machine through Husqvarna Viking.According to the International Sewing Machine Collectors’ Society, the White Sewing Machine Company began production in 1858 and was manufacturing approximately 60,000 machines each year by the 1880s.

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