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When are we going to move away from following doctrines that make women objects in a man’s world.

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And while organised religion has evolved since its brutish origins, the church has not shed all of its misguided ways.

It is in the language used by church leaders like Dr Munroe that we see those lingering remnants of the patriarchal order, in which robbed men “twisted and distorted holy scriptures to perpetuate their ascendant positions within the religious hierarchy”.

Dr Munroe further described the spiritual hierarchy that exists between man, woman and God.

Referencing scripture, he said God also gave the man his word.

When God commanded Adam not to “touch the tree (of knowledge)”, God never spoke to Eve.

The significance, Dr Munroe suggested, is that the male is the only one to have been blessed by God with the word (a direct relationship to God).The context of the presentation is not about rulership but relationship and responsibilities.Most of the best CEOs in the world never give an order, yet they are the head of their company.He was not referring to man in the sense of the human race, but rather men, represented in Adam.Eden, as in the Garden of Eden, he said represents an environment, a place of divine presence, an open door to God, where Adam was placed.It has nothing to do with "value" but everything to do with "roles".

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