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To understand the Tieto Digitalization Journey is an end-to-end concept to strategize, design, plan and execute digital transformation.Tieto Consulting Toolbox includes common tools, templates, frameworks and methods for consulting assignments in Management, Business, Enterprise Architecture, Digitalization and Transformation Management Office Consulting.

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The digital transformation approach is one of building a structured framework built on your present assets.

The focus is on service governance and value creation ultimately aimed at achieving your business goals while handling modernization and enabling ecosystem collaboration.

But Gartner believes that Microsoft will change the rules before then for that edition, telling customers that they must subscribe to Office 365 - and thus have Office 365 Pro Plus - to use cloud services.

That would make Office 2019 even less attractive to enterprises, since - assuming connectivity to Office 365 services is needed - the suite would work with said services for less than five years (perhaps as few as two). Silver and Kleynhans gave several reasons, including wanting to discourage "mixing the use of long-term and semi-annual channel editions," referring to the perpetual-license versions of Office ("long-term" because it's supported for up to a decade, albeit just seven years for Office 2019) and Office 365 (which is upgraded twice a year in the release cadence Microsoft dubs "semi-annual channel").

"By YE20 [year-end 2020], it [Microsoft] will announce that only Office 365 Pro Plus will be supported for accessing Office 365 online services," wrote Silver and Kleynhans.

"Office traditional will not be supported." Office 365 Pro Plus is the name of the locally-installed applications - Word, Excel, Outlook and the rest - that are a core component of an Office 365 subscription.

Those services include Microsoft-hosted Exchange email, the One Drive for Business storage service and Skype for Business.

that date.)Office 2019, which is slated for release this fall, will reach the end of mainstream support sometime in late 2023.

Digitalization is reshaping the relationship between companies and their customers.

It is breaking down the walls between industry sectors, forcing companies to re-imagine industry models.

You will achieve this in three phases: Successful digital transformation works in an iterative approach leading from transitioning to an industrialized delivery to modernizing existing assets and ensuring continuous improvement.

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