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Our system of justice follows the principle described by Robert : Something is justly held if it was justly acquired.Just acquisition implies that the property was acquired from a just holder: no good arguing that you paid fair market price for stolen goods.Ramsey essentially plays “the race card,” but in reverse.

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Point out the circularity there and you are sure to be called a racist, an agent of white supremacy, etc. Bernie Sanders is not a white male supremacist.magazine, who has done useful if obviously self-interested work publicizing the increasingly illiberal tendencies of the American Left, has been abominated as a tool of white supremacy, just another well-paid white male luxuriating in his own privilege.

Not everybody on the left welcomes the new prevalence of “white supremacy” as a blanket term for political tendencies as different as those associated with Adolf Hitler on the one hand and Donald Trump on the other. In response to Chait’s complaints about left-wing illiberalism, Anne Theriault in the , sneered that Chait was “whining” about “imaginary affronts to white liberal men’s ability to speak freely, by which he means ‘without women or people of color getting mad at him,’” adding: “Chait’s real problem, it seems, is that he ’t understand why his privilege — or anyone else’s — should impact how people perceive what he says.” She blasted “his willful ignorance about why he (a white, hetero, cisgender man) might not be able to use all the words or claim authority on every single topic.” It is difficult to sympathize very much with Chait, who is himself in the habit of making irresponsible accusations of racism, including at least one against me.

Only the narrowest ideologue would deny that African Americans were unjustly deprived of property and liberty for centuries or that this deprivation contributed to fortunes that were built from the cotton-growing South to the industrial North.

Conservatives such as I argue that in practically all cases, these unjust transfers happened long ago, involving people long dead and property long forgotten, that no living American has been a slave or owned one (setting aside the occasional horrifying episodes of slavery in our time; we are talking here about the antebellum African slave trade), that hereditary wealth related to slavery is so diminished and dispersed that it would provide no meaningful basis for reparation, that no defensible legal process for calculating reparations is available, etc.

That fits more closely with the actual facts of American life, in which the average white person is . Native-born black Americans, on the other hand, are statistical outliers on many unhappy fronts, from poverty to homicide.

hite supremacy” serves a broader rhetorical purpose for the Left, which is forever in search of a master theory attached to a master villain.

There are two broad ways to understand the racial dynamic of the United States: One, as expressed by the words “white supremacy,” is that the racial fault lines of American society separate whites from everybody else.

The second, which seems to me closer to what Coates is actually talking about, is that the racial fault lines of American society separate blacks — specifically, the black descendants of slaves and those who were systematically and formally oppressed for many years after Emancipation — from everybody else. average, while certain socioeconomic heights are occupied by nonwhite minorities: The most educated group of U. citizens, as measured by undergraduate and advanced degrees, is Nigerian Americans, while the highest-earning Americans are of Indian origin.

For Coates, those facts — those crimes without redress — merely deepen the sediment of white supremacy and ensure that such considerations as due process and property rights remain mired in that sediment. are not making a fundamental error in selecting “white supremacy” as their description of this phenomenon.

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