Who is aundrea from danity kane dating

The decision comes on the heels of a blowout fight between Aubrey O'Day and Dawn Richards, two of DK's founding members.Kane hasn't had a hit since 2008, but they recently returned to the studio to record a comeback album, and were said to be confident they'd be able to conquer the charts once again. Aundrea Fimbres quit the group almost immediately after re-joining, leaving just O'Day, Richards and Shannon Bex behind.

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Although it didn’t obtain RIAA certification like their previous works, it still managed to reach the record charts.

Besides their three studio albums, Danity Kane has also come forth with five music videos, and seven singles throughout their music career.

She is the youngest child in her family, so she didn’t have to face many problems in her childhood.

She studied at the Upland High School and Claremont High school. When making the band came along her sister decided it would be good for her to join the group.

Along with her this rumors there were rumors about her affair being married and pregnant. She has got a great height she stands five feet and one inch tall.

There were rumors that they were not going to engage, but they were directly going to marry each other, but all these news were false. As per her she is still single and hasn’t married still. She has got a great height with her supporting long legs and beautiful feet.

A huge hit, the title garnered the group widespread recognition across the world.

Two years after the release of their initial endeavor, Danity Kane dropped their second studio album entitled, in the spring of 2008.

Towards the mid to late 2000’s, the girls began heading off to the studio to work on their debut album.

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