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Ashley and Gabby's stepmother Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy) tell Bernice that they need to set some ground rules, particularly when Bernice asks Laurel to take a back seat, much to Ashley and Laurel's anger as Laurel has played a much bigger part in Gabby's upbringing than Bernice.

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Bernice makes Nicola tell Carlos the truth and in revenge for Nicola's lies, Carlos tells her that he and Bernice are together and he could be the father of her baby.

Nicola promptly tells the village about this, devastating Ashley, and he asks her to move out.

Bernice King reacted to a Georgia judge's ruling last week that she must hand over MLK's Nobel Peace Prize and his Bible while she continues a legal war with her brothers Dexter King and MLK III ... Lawyers for the brothers have said they have a lucrative offer to sell both items -- but Bernice made it clear she's against pawning off the items -- "They're very sacred, not just to me, but to a lot of people.

I just don't believe, morally, that you sell it."The prize and Bible are supposed to be held in a safe deposit box until the matter is settled, but listen to Bernice -- she doesn't sound like she's in a hurry to hand 'em over.

Bernice returns to Brighton, leaving Ashley and Diane unaware of her intentions.

Bernice gets engaged to her partner, Charlie, and gives birth to another daughter who she names Diane, after her mother.

Bernice's half-sister, Nicola, arrives in the village and begins dating Carlos.

She is clearly keener on him than he is on her but they later announce that they are getting married and expecting a baby but on her hen night, Nicola admits that she is not pregnant but felt it was the only way to get Carlos to settle down with her.

Bernice, feeling guilty for hurting Ashley, tries to make amends but Ashley isn't interested and during another argument, they realise Bernice is in labour so he takes her to hospital where she has a daughter, who she names Gabrielle (Annelise Manojlovic).

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