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Jacob plays Noah Flynn, whose secret romance with Elle threatens to drive a wedge between him and his brother Lee – and that’s before we’ve even considered what it’ll do to her friendship with him. 20-year-old Jacob is an Australian-born actor and model whose credits include the likes of Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales and Australian movie Swinging Safari – although The Kissing Booth is his first major starring role. LD and TV series The Messengers as well as another Netflix movie, F*&% The Prom.He has another movie, horror flick The Mortuary Collection, due for release before the end of 2018. Actress Molly Ringwald also shows up in the movie as Lee and Noah’s mum. The 50-year-old is something of an 80s teen movie legend, having been the star of such classics as Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, Pretty In Pink and The Pick-Up Artist back then.The film's IMDb page reports Jacob will play the lead, Chris, and Tiera will play Sam.

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Recently, on 10 May, Jacob shared a picture of both stating that their latest movie The Kissing the Booth is set to release on 11th May, and they felt like flying over the sky.

Los Angeles Awards held on 8 April 2018 at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA.

Joey, during her shoot for the movie , opened up regarding her boyfriend opening that although Jacob looked very cute when they first met each other, they started it as a friendship.

She went on saying that they initially used to talk about gross things until she realized that he is the one whom she started liking.

Until, that is, she falls for his older brother Noah and sparks off a secret romance. 18-year-old Joey has appeared in a string of big movies including The Dark Knight Rises, Oz: The Great And Powerful, The Conjuring, White House Down and Independence Day: Resurgence.

She was also the voice of Katie in the 2008 animated hit Horton Hears A Who – and more recently played Greta Grimly in season two of Fargo.

The adaptation of the book written by Welsh author Beth Reekles when she was just 15 years old, tells the story of Elle (Joey King), who finds herself in a complicated situation after she falls for her best friend Lee’s brother Noah (played by actor Jacob Elordi).

The pair are set for big things – but just where might you have seen them and other cast members before? Actress Joey King takes the lead as Elle, who’s grown up with best friend Lee (Joel Courtney) – they were even born at the same time – and can pretty much tell him everything.

"I guess there was no moment, but I feel like the friendship kind of naturally was like, 'Oh hey, this person is super frickin' awesome.

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