is blake lively still dating ryan reynolds - Who is jon hamm dating now

– and the both seemed to really support each other, publically at least.

We predicted this breakup back in 2013 – some of the signs were already there.

Due to her Scientologist beliefs, the TV star was reportedly pegged as a potential future wife for Cruise, 51, the National Enquirer reported last month.

The couple, who first became an item in 1997, were last spotted together at the opening of Westfeldt’s off-Broadway play “The Library” in New York’s The Public Theater on April 16.

Moss, previously married to “SNL” star Fred Armisen, was last linked to Tom Cruise.

Hamm, sporting a fair amount of scruff, was spotted today getting dropped off in a limo at his L. home, the first sighting of the actor since the rehab news broke.

“Mad Men” co-stars Jon Hamm and Elisabeth Moss are rumored to be spending quite a bit of time together behind-the-scenes of their hit AMC show.

December 2016: H&R Block unveils a series of commercials where Hamm tells us that we can have “our taxes won.” Many wish their accountants looked just like Jon Hamm.

This is Hamm’s first endorsement deal where we actually see him onscreen rather than just hearing his voice purr alongside a Mercedes-Benz.

"People around him have known for a while about his problem with alcohol," a source tells E! "In the last few years, he has seemed sad."Luckily, Hamm decided to get help with his issues.

Following treatment, the insider says of Hamm, "He's doing well now and appears to be much happier."Great news!

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Jon Hamm every week in a sharp suit and skinny tie, sloshing his way through the ’60s.

To those who haven’t been paying attention, it may seem like he went to the North Pole to hang out in the Fortress of Solitude and polish his Emmy award. He’s actually been all over the place, filming a bunch of cameos, silly internet videos, commercials, and, oh, just five movies that are getting ready to premiere. And for all of you who missed him, get ready for a whole lotta Hamm.

May 2015: As the as Derrick and Arthur Childrens, the illegitimate child of the hospital’s founder and Malin Akerman’s alter ego.

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