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And after hinting there might be a Mac Book purchase in my immediate future, I asked a Microsoft spokesperson if the company was doing anything about forced updates.

Here's the statement I got: Once a machine is upgraded to Windows 10, it will remain current through Windows Update for the supported lifetime of the device, with safety and security, productivity, and entertainment value over time.

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He was in the middle of beating the game's final boss in front of a live Twitch audience.

He says he lost most of his viewers that day, a little bit of money (he's an official Twitch partner), and his in-game reward for beating the boss.

(Particularly because the likes of Symantec and Mc Afee tend to bog down computers.) And I'm not an anti-vaxxer: I understand that by patching my PC, I'm helping to keep it from spreading malware to other computers, too.

But I think the company has overcorrected with these forced updates.

But my Windows laptop -- a Windows laptop in a sea of Mac Books! I figured it just needed a quick reboot, so that's what I did.

But because Windows had recently downloaded some updates, my computer decided it would be a good time to It was the first of three occasions that a forced Windows update would totally destroy my workflow at a critical moment -- once crippling my computer when I had a hot scoop to share with the world.She got a 58 on the midterm, and was barely able to bring it up to a C by the end of the semester."I don't like [Windows], but I'm a college student," she says.(You can still schedule a restart, but it involves doing a lot of work to change the annoying "ready or not, here it comes" default.) And while the next version of Windows will let you stave off updates for a 35-day period (if you paid extra for a Pro, Enterprise or Education-grade copy of Windows, which sounds like a moderate form of blackmail), my understanding is that even those versions won't let you cancel an update that's already been delayed and is now about to occur.In other words: you'll be helplessly watching your computer turn itself off, just the same as usual."Overall it wasn't a huge deal, just very frustrating to have your computer decide these things on its own," he tells me.

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