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Bank of America/Merrill Lynch analyst Jessica Reif just boosted her share price target on the satellite radio giant from to .She's encouraged by the healthy pace of new car sales in the country -- the lifeblood of Sirius, as new vehicles put it in front of potential new subscribers.I have an inactive Sirius XM radio in my car or home and I'd like to purchase a subscription.

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Yes, that's a long time with more than 20,000 bylines over those 22 years.

This sucks, but if it will help eliminate the constant channel updating I'm all for it! IGN&utm_medium =Email&utm_campaign=CHALIGNMENT2011 __________________ The "constant channel upgrading" had nothing to do with this.

It was a bug in the 730N RER software that's since been patched.

The conversion rate of free-trial subscribers to new accounts continues to hover around 40%, and the monthly churn rate has remained historically reasonable, at or just below 2%.

In Sirius XM's latest quarter, the conversion rate dipped to 39%, but churn held steady at 1.8%.Buy a Subscription to Listen Online search using a Radio ID, Account Number or VIN." flepzmultiplefounderrormessage="We found multiple accounts with the information you gave us. Sirius is changing the channel guide, most of our channels will be changed to new numbers MAY 4th.Wall Street's range is as high as and as low as with an average that's smack dab in the middle at .49.Shares need to gain less than 10% from current levels to hit , and that distance is likely to shrink.What does it cost to advertise On Sirius Radio to over 25 million subscribers? Call 888-449-2526 to experience the power of Sirius/XM radio… Campaign management, tracking, media buyer and more. National, local, TV, Radio, Digital, Mobile Marketing. Ad rates and prices, Sirius XM Radio Rates and media kit available, Patriot talk, Howard Stern, Dr.

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