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But for Levi, the star of NBC’s hit action-comedy , his house is everyone’s house.

It’s a place filled with friends and occasionally strangers, all sharing a combination of creative and Christian community.

I don’t think there’s any clock on it—your life is God’s, so let Him do as He wills with it.”Like content like this?

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“I had questions and on my own volition started going to church and learning on my own, and then it kind of went from there.” Of course, having faith in Hollywood is an altogether different story—it’s certainly not a place that makes it easy.

“I think people find what they’re looking for,” Levi says. We’re all getting to an age around 30 or more, and the club life is so fleeting, trite …

“We spend a lot of time talking about the first-century Church, and that it’s just another way of being intimate and familial, and those are really appealing aspects of it,” Boreing says. That’s why Zac has success walking the line as a believer in a largely secular setting.

He’s not creating division between himself and other people; he just rests comfortably in who he is and in his faith, and trusts God with the rest.” So what does it mean for Levi to live out that faith on-set and around his non-Christian co-workers? He admits it’s not always black and white, but the key is to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit in whatever you say and do. Are you available to be part of the solution and not the problem?Not that I don’t go out with friends and have a good time, but I saw the emptiness and hollowness that it brings in high school, so it wasn’t such a temptation.” It wasn’t until after high school that Levi says he really started to understand what he believed and what it meant to live the faith that came so easily to him.“Embracing Christ fully was a choice I made later in life, when I was 18 and out of high school,” he says.Step into the house of Zac Levi on any ordinary day and you’re likely to find more than you expected.Peek into the living room and you’ll see three or four people sitting around, tapping away on laptops. Walk upstairs and you’ll find an editing facility with a commercial editor hard at work.After landing a part in the four-season ABC sitcom when he was 21, Levi knew finding a home base was an urgent matter.

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